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Practical Engineering & Environmental Solutions
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Geoscience & Technology, P.A. (GeoSci) provides environmental and engineering consulting services throughout North Carolina—both residential and commercial. We help property owners find the most practical and cost-effective solutions to design, site management, structural and repair issues.

Engineering Information

Engineering - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Geoscience & Technology, P.A. provides comprehensive services in engineering design and analysis to enable owners to make the best use of their real property, whether it is to develop green or brownfield property or improve, modify, adapt or repair existing property.

We provide design and construction management services, from site assessment and early-stage planning through design, construction documents, contract administration and construction testing.

GeoSci's engineering department augments its own capabilities by drawing on the skills of the other departments to provide services for residential, commercial, and state and local government clients.

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Engineering Services


Geoscience & Technology, P.A. helps clients assess the suitability of a site for development, considering:

  • Topography
  • Wetland, Stream and Watershed Issues
  • Suitability for On-site Wastewater Disposal

In our site sensitive designs, we evaluate the movement of water on and under the surface and determine the characteristics of the in-situ soils and the depth of rock.

Our engineering staff prepares alternative preliminary layouts for client consideration, then completes and submits the final design for City/County Planning Commission approval and shepherds them through the process.

Geoscience & Technology, P.A can develop subdivision layouts and designs for streets and parking, water distribution for domestic and fire service, grading plans, stormwater management, erosion, and sedimentation control plans.

Our engineers specialize in rapid turnaround of foundation, footing and retaining wall designs. We also prepare and submit permit applications in connection with all of the above.

Frequently, we are called upon to evaluate failed or failing structures and to make recommendations for repair or remedy. These range from dams and lakes to foundations and structures to retaining walls. We perform hydrological studies to identify causes of flooding or to ensure proper site drainage and then assess multiple alternatives before proposing the optimum solution.


Geoscience & Technology, P.A. provides construction testing services and project oversight for quality control. These include, but are not limited to, supervision, foundation inspections, soil compaction testing, concrete and asphalt testing and steel inspection. Services are tailored to client and project specifications. We send experienced, trained technicians to our clients' job sites. GeoSci believes that every project of each client deserves qualified, experienced professionals every step of the way.
Site Assessment
  • Topography, Access, Wetland, Stream, Watershed, Floodplain
  • The Subsurface Investigation, Bearing Capacity, Foundation System Recommendations, Rock, Water Table
  • Soil Suitability, Percolation Rates
  • Preliminary Planning and Permitting
Site Survey (Outsourced)
  • Preliminary Layout and Land Use Studies
  • Subdivision, Zoning, Zoning Change, Planning Commission Application
  • State, Local and Federal Permit Applications for the Stream, Wetland, Stormwater, and Air
  • Easements
  • Site Design
Design Foundations, Retaining Walls, Dams, and Ponds.
  • Design Foundation Systems, Retaining Walls, Floors
  • Structural Condition Evaluation and Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Construction Testing
Soil Compaction Testing
  • Concrete Testing
  • Steel Inspection
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Resolve Inspection Failures in fFundations and Framing


State and county requirements for obtaining On-Site Wastewater System (septic system) permits have become increasingly complex and restrictive in recent years. More and more, individuals, businesses, and developers are being denied permits for septic systems, impeding the development of property. Prior to development or following permit denial, Geoscience & Technology, P.A. can assess sites to locate areas that may meet regulatory requirements for conventional septic systems. Should soils or other conditions at the site preclude using a conventional system, GeoSci can assist with design and permit of an alternative system to meet county and state requirements, facilitating the use of the property. 
Examples of Alternative Systems are: 
  • Low-Pressure Pipe 
  • Surface or Subsurface Drip Irrigation
  • Surface Spray Irrigation 
  • Sand Filtration
  • Peat Filtration
These systems can be adapted to community-sized developments where the only suitable disposal site is confined to one portion of the property.


Geoscience & Technology, P.A.'s engineering group uses the capabilities of our own drill rig and crew to provide rapid preliminary site evaluations and to complete geotechnical evaluations or foundation studies of existing structures or paving. We assess the suitability of soils for bearing capacity and various types of loading and can determine whether shallow groundwater or bedrock may affect your site development. Through advance knowledge of potential problems or unexpected costs, clients find subsurface investigations to be invaluable. Utilizing these results, we recommend foundation concepts that address the observed conditions and helps you avoid costly loss of time and over-budget projects from "unforeseen subsurface conditions."


  • Structural Assessment.
  • Troubleshoot Cracks in Walls and Cracked or Sagging Floors
  • Water Issues Such as Off-Site Encroachment or Water Intrusion

Environmental Information

Environmental - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Geoscience & Technology, P.A. provides comprehensive services in a variety of environmental disciplines, including Environmental Site Assessment (ESA); Underground Storage Tanks (UST); subsurface sampling and monitoring well installation, air quality permitting, wetland delineation, solid and hazardous waste management, and stormwater management.

GeoSci's professional geologists and technicians are certified and experienced in all aspects of the industry, having managed projects from brownfields development to LEED certification.

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Environmental Services


Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are an integral part of the property acquisition process.
A Phase I ESA is designed to discover activities or conditions, past or present, which may represent a potential environmental risk. The EPA passed new regulations governing ESAs called "All Appropriate Inquiry" (AAI) rules and the ASTM also revised its ESA standards. There are strict requirements on the experience and education of persons performing ESAs and the amount of effort and information that must be included in the assessment report. All Geoscience & Technology, P.A. personnel are fully trained in these requirements.
Should a Phase I ESA reveal potential environmental risks, a Phase II ESA investigation may be warranted. A Phase II ESA usually involves sampling and/or testing of soil and/or groundwater based on information discovered during Phase I research, such as historical UST (underground storage tank) use or proximity to other waste sources.
GeoSci personnel have performed hundreds of ESAs in the North Carolina Piedmont. This experience, and an accumulated knowledge of potentially adverse conditions allows the firm to provide quality reports in a relatively short period of time. The firm's expertise in field sampling and investigations means potential savings of both time and money - critical factors in most real estate transactions.


Geoscience & Technology, P.A. operates a trailer-mounted Simco 2400 Drill Team Probe drilling unit capable of both direct push sampling and conventional hollow-stem augering. This versatile drill can be used with augers, standard drill rods and split spoons to conduct geotechnical investigations with standard penetration testing (SPT), collect soil samples for environmental assessments, or install 2-inch or smaller diameter monitoring wells.
In direct push mode, the rig allows for soil sampling (with 0.9" or 1.5" I.D. tubes), probing for rock or shallow water, or obtaining in-situ soil vapor or groundwater samples at discrete depths by using slotted probe rods and small diameter sampling tubes. Another benefit to the direct push unit is its ability to quickly drill through existing asphalt or concrete to access underlying soils.
The Environmental Services group benefits greatly from the flexibility of the combination probe/auger in planning and performance of subsurface investigations. The combination unit provides the ability to quickly switch from auger drilling to direct push sampling (or vice versa), saving not only the cost of additional mobilization and drilling but also valuable time. This in-house capability gives GeoSci another tool to provide its clients with more comprehensive services in a timely fashion while maintaining more control over project costs.


With the advent of the CFR 280 regulations governing underground storage tanks (USTs), UST management became the most prolific environmental issue in the United States. Environmental assessments at UST sites have revealed that leaks from many such systems have contaminated underlying soils and, in many cases, groundwater.
Geoscience & Technology, P.A. personnel are knowledgeable of county, state and federal regulations governing UST management, assisting UST owner/operators in UST closures, assessments, cleanups and upgrades, including rules developed for Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA).
GeoSci personnel have worked at hundreds of UST sites, from large industrial facilities to commercial gasoline stations to home heating oil tanks. We work closely with clients to assess the tank status, counseling on the most expedient course of action to comply with UST regulations and North Carolina State UST Trust Fund guidelines.


Geoscience & Technology, P.A. personnel have performed annual air emission inventories to satisfy permit requirements and prepared SARA Title III reporting documents for a number of industrial facilities. Our personnel is experienced in the methodologies and calculations required to determine a facility's status under the Clean Air Act, including preparation of air quality permit applications, permit modification application (for Title V as well as smaller sources), and filing required forms and reports.

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Excerpt from NC Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources
Raleigh, NC, 7/4/2008

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